Cannabis History Timeline

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Timeline of some of the major scientific milestones and influences on/in the cannabis, nano~technology and synthetic~biology industries/space over the past 215 years:

1805MorphineIsolated from the poppy straw
1838William O’ShaughessyIntroduced cannabis into the Western pharmacopoeia
1851MarijuanaIs listed in the U.S Pharmacopoeia
1899AspirinSynthesized and manufactured
1906Pure Food Drug ActPassed restricted labeling of cannabis as a poison
1920ProhibitionNationwide constitutional ban on alcohol enacted
1930AnslingerHarry J. appointed founding commissioner Fed. Bureau of Narcotics
1930VanillaExtract synthesized and commercially available
1933Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) chemically produced
1936Reefer MadnessFilm released to HS students – harms of marijuana addiction
1937Marihuana TaxAct passed which imposed a tax on the sale of cannabis
1938Food, Drug, Cosmetic ActLegally mandated quality standards for drug claims
1960Counterculture decadeThe use and panic over pot.
1964Prof. Raphael Mechoulam(Israel) Isolates and synthesizes THC
1966Mahmoud A ELSohlyCBG, CBC, CBD, CBL, CBE, CBN, CBND, CBT discovered
1968University of MississippiDEA grants UM permission to grow cannabis for research
1968Werner StoberDevelops the Stober process for material science
1970Controlled Substances ActSigned by Nixon establishing the five drug schedules
1971Paclitaxel(Taxol) Isolated from the Yew tree. Used to treat many types of cancer
1972Shafer CommissionDecriminalize marijuana possession. Ignored by White House
1978GenentechSynthesizes Human Insulin for production
1982HumulinBiosynthetic insulin is made commercially available by Eli Lilly.
1988Allyn C. HowlettDiscovers the CB1, CB2 receptors and their function
1992William DevaneDiscovers the naturally occurring compound anandamide
1996CaliforniaLegalizes cannabis for medical use
2000ColoradoLegalizes cannabis for medical use
2001CanadaLegalizes cannabis for medical use outlined in the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.
2003U.S. Patent 6,630,507Patent granted to the U.S. Government for Cannabis.
2003Human Genome ProjectCompleted. (Note: project started in 1984)
2010Nabiximol – (Sativex)Cannabis extract approved in the United Kingdom  
2014ColoradoLegalizes cannabis for Adult Use
2016CaliforniaLegalizes cannabis for Adult Use
2018Right-to-TryAllows pts. to try approved treatments for life-threatening diseases
2018Ginko BioworksStrikes $125m deal to develop strains of cannabinoids – yeast
2018Canopy GrowthInvests $429m to acquire IP for cannabis genetic breeding
2018GW PharmaReceived FDA approval for Epidiolex (Note: EPIDIOLEX. $32,500 annual. Value doubled after + Trial Results)
2018CanadaLegalizes cannabis for Adult use
2018Hemp Farm Bill of 2018Passed by the U.S. Congress
2019Intrexon/Surterra$122m deal to use yeast for production of cannabinoids
2019SenatorsFeinstein, Grassley, Schatz introduce bill to expand cannabis research
2019Amyris$300m deal with Lavvan to develop and synthesize cannabinoids
2019DemetrixRaises $50m to produce THC/CBD from yeast
2019MORE ACTAllows expungement of records avoiding future penalties
2019SAFE ACTAllows cannabis companies access to legal financial services
2019U.S. Patent PP30,639 P2Granted to CWB Holdings for Charlotte’s Web
2019Prof. Raphael Mechoulam EPMIntroduce Synthetic Cannabinoid Acids.
2020AXIM Biotech.Clinical trials to start with synthetic dronabinol
2020Professor Giuseppe CannazzaUniversity of Modena discovers THCP and CBDP
4900 BCEclick hereCannabis Historical Timeline 2900 B.C.E to Present
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