Gaetano G.M. Lardieri

Mr. Lardieri has been in the medical field since 1978. He started his medical career at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston New Jersey. He held several positions during his many years at St. Barnabas. One key position was that of Research Assistant on a Genetic Epidemiology study. He interviewed, traced family history and collected tumor samples for 3500 patients and family members as part of his research. He co-authored several papers in reference to this research. Mr. Lardieri also held the position as the Cancer Center’s first Site Coordinator. In this position he worked with many oncologists, oncology nurses/pharmacists, international researchers and was part of a team responsible for randomizing several thousand patients to cancer clinical trials.

In 1997 Mr. Lardieri advanced his career into the Pharmaceutical industry. He started out as a Data Manager performing quality control/quality assurance, and query resolution on clinical trial databases. During this time he became a Certified Project Manager/Six-Sigma Green Belt and served in the capacity as Project Manager conducting Global Clinical Cancer Trials. He worked at several of the top pharmaceutical and CRO’s (Clinical Research Organization) as a consultant and/or permanent employee. One team he lead was responsible for approval of a drug for breast cancer.

In 2015 Mr. Lardieri entered into the cannabis space to advocate for social justice and cannabis research. In 2018 Mr. Lardieri founded THCBD LLC and was the visionary in establishing an incubator for cannabis research. Since 2015 Mr. Lardieri has attended hundreds of cannabis events, spoken on TV, radio, been featured in several cannabis publications and has written several articles in reference to cannabis social justice and research.  In 2019 he was named as one of 100 most influential people in New Jersey in the cannabis space. He publishes a weekly blog under the name of SciGuy108 where he highlights a cannabis research article for an investment company.

Mr. Lardieri is also active with a second team for which he is a key contributing member. His team was invited by NASA and presented original research work in Oct 2019 at a Blue-Sky workshop held in Hampton Virginia. His team is currently also invited to present their research in Feb2021 at COSPAR in Sydney Australia.

Mr. Lardieri resides in Newark, New Jersey.

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