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Precision Nano~tubes
Lycurgus Cup 4th century nano-technology
THCBD‘s NAN108 Team Michael Ryan-(CEO-Integrity), Gaetano Lardieri-(Founder/Visionary), Nicholas Pizzi-(Sr. Scientist-Brains)
Gaetano and Dr. Ethan Russo M.D. – (CEO CReDo Science)
Gal Ghivoni R.N., Gaetano Lardieri THCBD Founder, Michael Ryan THCBD CEO, Shane Henderson Harmony, Nicholas Pizzi THCBD Sr. Scientist
Harry, Dan, Jess, Tara, Hollie
Gaetano and Jonathan Casillas NFL – Giants two time SuperBowl Champ
Gaetano and NFL great xxxxxx
Gaetano & Victor DeLuca (MapleWood Mayor), Tod Green (East Orange Mayor), Tom Puryear (NAACP)
Gaetano and Dr. Chanda Macias
Gaetano and Point Pleasant N.J. Mayor Robert A. Saboski
Gaetano at Propelify with Aaron Price
Gaetano and Keith Stroup (Founder NORML)
Gaetano and LaQuay LaunJuel – (CEO Obsidian Elite and Emrald)
Gaetano and Leo Bridgewater – (Leo)
Gaetano and Reed Gusciora (Trenton NJ Mayor)
Gaetano and Ron Rice (NJ Senator/Legislator)
Gaetano and Kim Byrnes -(Kim B CEO TribeTokes)
Gaetano and Michael Ryan
Gaetano and Dianna Houenou – (ACLU esq)
Gaetano, Pastor Lewis – (Bethany Baptist Newark) and Ed DeVaux – (Burton Trent/Lobbyist)
Gaetano and Ed DeVaux
Gaetano and Hector Corchado – (Newark former Councilman)
Charlana McKeithen, Gaetano, Dee Carnigee
Gaetano and Scott Rudder (CEO NJCBA – former Mayor and NJ General Assemblyman)
Gaetano, Ken Wolski, Dr. David Nathan, Lonnie Affrime & Michael Brennan – taking a break during the taping of our PSA on cannabis prohibition
Gaetano and Michael Ray Figler (CEO Intra Capital Holdings)
Gaetano and John Malanca (The Sacred Plant)
Gaetano and Rev. Dr. Charles F. Boyer (Bethel AME)
Gaetano and Leo Bridgewater
Gaetano and Jim Miller (CMMNJ Board)
Gaetano and
Ken Wolski (Director CMMNJ)
Gaetano and Wanda James (CEO Simply Pure)
Gaetano and Jamel Holley (NJ General Assembly)
Gaetano and Jackie Chan
Gaetano and Dr. Renita Oglesby D.O. (Cannabis Physician)
Gaetano and Monica Tang PharmD (DFCR – Docs. for Cannabis Regulation)

Gaetano and Charlana McKeithen (Director NJ NORML)
Gaetano and Chef Nikko (Celebrity Chef)
Gaetano and Stu Zakim (President Bridge Strategic Communications)
Gaetano and (Former NJ Gov Jim Florio)
Gaetano Stu Zakim and LaQuay LuanJuel
Gaetano and Kevin Jenkins (Newark NJ)
Gaetano and Bonniwell Graham III (M4MM)
Gaetano and Rani Soto – (CEO I Deserve Canna)
Gaetano and Neil Pacifico – (Accountant Citrin Cooperman)
Gaetano and Harry Carpenter – (Accountant and Partner Citrin Cooperman)
Gaetano and Tammeisha Smith ( CEO Dunbar Center)
Gaetano and Roz McCarthy – (CEO M4MM)
Gaetano and Dr. David Nathan M.D. ( CEO DFCR)
Gaetano and Jeff Brown – (NJ DOH)
Gaetano with Dr. Shereef Elnahal (CEO – University Hospital Newark)
Gaetano and Wanda James – (CEO Simply Pure)
Gaetano, Shane Henderson, Gal Ghivoni
2016 First time on the Eric Dawson Talk Radio Show
Gaetano (N.I.C.T.U event organizer community outreach)
Me and the Majestic lady
How Has Nanotechnology Progressed Over the Years?
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