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From Jun 2018 to Jul 2019 Intrexon, Ginko Bioworks, Amyris, Ebbu and Demetrix brokered deals to the tune of $1.1 billion for their ability to synthesize/genetically engineer and produce cannabinoids in the lab.

Zenabis partnered with Farmako to supply 36 tons of biosynthetic cannabinoids.

Biosynthesis, genetic engineering of cannabinoids are major disruptors which will change a centuries-old agricultural practice into the biotechnology era

The future trend will be for Cannabis, Pharmaceutical and other companies interested in this space to own a process/IP to chemically manufacture cannabinoids in order to produce safe, efficacious, reliable cannabis medicines/products faster, cheaper, and on a massive scale.

THCBD has extremely high confidence that it’s NAN108 IP, technology which we understand to be superior to the technology of the aforementioned companies, will be valued on par, if not of greater value, to the deals brokered by the six companies mentioned above.

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