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THCBD’s core values are; integrity, transparency, quality, state-of-the-art cutting-edge cannabis research/science/technology, standardization and innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission & vision – AKTS GROUP

To positively benefit human~health and elevate all humankind by delivering superior cannabis medicine and products through next-level biotechnology.

To raise awareness of cannabis science, through education, research and the development of superior processes in order to produce higher quality, lower cost products.

Our History

Our History | Management Innovation

THCBD was founded by Gaetano Lardieri in 2018. It was formed out of the necessity to combine 26 years in cancer research and several years in the cannabis space and bring all of the knowledge under one roof. In Oct. 2018 Gaetano Lardieri joined forces with Mr. Michael Ryan and formed THCBD LLC. Mr. Michael Ryan serves as CEO of THCBD.

Contact Us

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